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Rich Smile Design (RSD) Course

2 Day Course – £750 inc Vat

25 -26 Nov 2022


30 Euston Square - London

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About The Course

This course will give you in-depth knowledge
on template dentistry & how to achieving predictable,
precise & repeatable outcomes for your treatments.


  • Why 3D treatment planning and what is its role in everyday practice
  • What is template dentistry and how to apply it
  • How to start thinking in reverse for predictable outcomes
  • Understanding natural algorithms for better aesthetics

Course Info

Getting Here

30 Euston Square – London


25-26 Nov 2022 – CANCELLED

Start & Finish Times:

9am – 5pm

Refreshments & Lunch


Course Instructors

Dr Aslam Inamdar

RSD Workflow 

1 Patient Data Digitization 

Following the procedure in the RSD photo protocol, take a set of 6 photographs and one 40 second video to be sent to us along with the impressions and where applicable, CT Scan. 

2 Prepare the Design 

The RSD team will use the provided data to prepare 2D & 3D mockups of the ideal end result for the patient. 

3 Plan the Treatment 

Working backwards from the end result, the RSD team build a suggested treatment workflow based on facially-driven smile design. The workflow is broken down into a series of easy-to-follow templates. 

4 Present to Patient 

The treatment presentation is made through digital STL files along with the dentist’s selection of adjusted photographs, 3D printed models and/or snap-on smile. 

Once the patient has familiarised themselves with the prospective results, they can talk through the accompanying workflow with the dentist and give their final approval. 

5 Perform 

3D printed templates and any accompanying restorations are manufactured and provided in one package by CosTech for the dentist to complete the treatment. 

6 Promote to Future Clients 

The final fit result is documented through the use of photographs and/or video, providing a complete before/after record that can be used to attract new clients and drive growth for your practice.